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Ticker Qube Commodities Private Limited is the most trusted commodity broking house with sole intention of offering personalised services. We offer services under total confidentiality and integrity. Our customer base is a mix of Corporates, Employees (Especially from IT industry), High Networth Individuals, and Retail Investors.

Dođi. Ako netko – recimo, vaš partner – vjerujte da želite seks “prečesto” i kaže to s takvim oprezom ili osudom, onda ne, nije nešto u redu s vama. Samo premjestiti odgovornost za vas zbog činjenice da imate nekoliko temperamenta. Ako je ovo “previše” naznačeno kao problem u koji morate kriviti, onda je vaša stalna želja samo njegov strah ne može se nositi.

Ticker Qube has been able to attract many business partners in their growth journey.

Ticker Qube Commodities Private Limited is offering Sub-brokerships/Remisers at a bare minimum Security Deposit.
Why Ticker Qube?
Strong Influence of Brand:

A leading commodity broking brand with top of the mind recall in the commodity investing population across India. We are committed to increase the brand awareness across all medium and through multiple PR initiatives.

Quality Research:

* In-house Research
* Highly Skilled Analysts with Professional Industry Experience
* Daily, Weekly and Monthly Research Reports

Service Support:

Dedicated Advisory Relationship Managers to help you chart a business plan and help you in your day-to-day business as well as owning up the clients portfolios.

Excellent Track Record of Pay-out:

We feel pride for our reputation for meeting pay-out obligations.

Client Pay-out:

Same day pay-out.

Partner/Ap/Re-miser Pay-out:

Before 2nd of every month and on the receipt of the partner, we also pay brokerage pay-out on fortnigh basis.

Robust Software:

Our tools like Online Trading & Risk management, Online Back Office support will maximize the information availability at your fingertips.

Training and Business Support:

Comprehensive training on commodities shall be provided to the Business partners at their own out-let and also at the Head-office.

We also support partners by sharing Business generation ideas and also organize client level meetings and awareness programmes near your out-lets. You shall be able to acquire more clients with our marketing efforts like our presence in Mass Media and shal also be focusing more on National-Media.

Dedicated Support from Dealers:

An high alert shall be passed to the client as and when the abnormal price movement is noticed. This is a specialized service provided to the clients for those who has positions.


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